Do Muslims Go to Church?


Muslim churches are known as mosques, where they gather for worship and prayer. Mosques can be easily distinguished from other buildings as they usually have elaborate domes and minarets, and their architecture can easily be distinguished as middle-eastern. The main requirement for building a mosque is that it must show the direction of Mecca; this is done by carving a niche known as a Mihrab in the wall facing Mecca.
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churches are for christians and mosques are for muslims. it is similar to a church and we also worship there but its called a mosque.
Only if it is a good Christian church, is it a good idea to go. The bible states that it is good to fellowship with your bothers and sisters in Christ.
He Muslim building for communal worship is called a mosque.
1. Make an appointment to receive confession. 2. Review transgressions, "voluntary and involuntary, in word and deed, known and unknown" from the time since your last confession
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