Where Do Peacocks Come from?


Peacocks are birds that are a member of the pheasant family. The common peacock known as the blue or Indian peacock originally came from Sri Lanka, southern India and Pakistan. They also have feral colonies in Hawaii, New Zealand and California.
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The beautiful and colorful Peacock originally came from India and Southern Asia. Their bright feathers are used for decorations in many countries. They are also the Holy bird of Hara
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Peafowl is a flying bird that exists in 3 species having its origin in Asia. Peacocks come from the Pavo genus and from the pheasant family of birds. Peacocks ...
Peacocks do not lay eggs as they are of the male sex of the bird peafowl and it is peahens that lay eggs. Peafowl come in a wide variety of colours including blue ...
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