Where do pears grow?


Pears normally grow on pear trees, which grow well in sunny and sheltered sites that are away from frost pockets. They can be grown in pots or out in the garden in well drained and fertile soils. The trees can be found in cultivation in various countries across Europe.
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Pears grow on pear trees. The exact place on the tree is a little unusual; a pear tree has a large number of short spurs growing straight out from a branch, or even the trunk. Although
Pears come from pear trees. Apples come from apple trees and shoes grow on shoe trees. Pear trees grow almost anywhere in the US. Just be sure to look out for the partridges nesting
Pears grow on pear trees. Pear trees can be planted anywhere as long as they are taken care of.
The common pear is most likely native to southeastern Europe and western Asia, including Asia Minor. There the tree easily matures 40 to 50 feet tall and 30 feet wide. Many taxonomists
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