What is an Islamic place of worship?


Islam place of worship is called a mosque. This is a place where they go for prayers and other religious ceremonies.
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Muslims believe there is only one god, ALLAH. Muslims worship ALLAH.
FRIDAY. This is the day Adam was created, granted permission in Paradise, thrown out of Paradise and so men do special prayer called Jummah in their mosque.
Islam is a religion per God revelation of Quran to prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Followers of Islam are called Muslims. No Muslim worship Islam or Muhammad.
The mosque or masjid and then Ka'aba which is God's House in Saudi Arabia.
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Muslim people worship in a mosque which is a holy building that has a domed roof and a tall tower known as minaret. Muslims are normally called to pray from the minaret by a man known as a muezzin.
Islams worship from the mosque. They believe that Allah is the creator and none other than Him should be worshiped and that Mohammed is His only prophet. They pray five times a day facing Mecca's direction and during the Ramadan month everyone must fast.
Islamic people are those who follow Islam religion, they are called Muslims. The Muslims worship in a Mosque. Islamic people believe that Allah is the only God, and Mohammed is His Prophet. It is the most popular religion in the World.
The place where Muslims worship is called a mosque. They normally go to worship in the mosque every Friday and the place is well carpeted to ensure that it is clean, according to their faith. The mosque has a big bell and loud speakers from which the Muslims are communally called to worship.
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