Where Do Pigs Live?


Pigs don't have a specific habitat because their movement is influenced by availability of food, weather conditions, available predators and the population. They can tolerate a wide range of climates and mainly feed on plants, worms and insects.
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Domestic pigs usually live on farms, where they are raised for food. Wild pigs are called boars, and can live in Europe, Asia, and North Africa. Look here for more information:
they live in a hutch inside or outside.
Some live on land and some live in water. Turtles, crocodiles and some snakes live in the water. Basically it depends on what type of reptile it is. Look here for more information:
Most species of Angelfish live in the Amazon River located in South America. A couple of species live in the Rio Negro. They can also be found in slow moving river and grassy ponds
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Pigs live on farms or human dwellings arould the world if they are domesticated. Most wild pigs inhabit tropical and temperate forests and grasslands of Europe, Africa and Asia.
Pigs generally live on farms. They enjoy the wet, cool mud in the summer, and nice sheltered barns with hay in the winter. You will probably also find many people living like pigs in unorganized, messy homes.
The majority of pigs live on farms. Some pigs are raised as pets and other pigs are raised in mass amounts to feed people all over the world.
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