Where Do Pine Trees Grow?


Pine trees are in the genus Pinus and there are about 115 species of them. The trees grow mostly in the Northern Hemisphere. They are abundant in countries such as the Philippines, Siberia, Norway, Finland and Scotland. They have also been introduced in the Southern Hemisphere in countries such as New Zealand, Tanzania, Brazil and Argentina.
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Pinyon pines share many characteristics, including stiff 1- to 2-inch needles, red, purple or yellow pine cones, short trunks and a loosely-pyramidal shape, but there are several
all over Narnia.
Depends on the species. 1 to more than 2 feet/year. How Fast Do Pine Trees Grow?
In addition to what has already been said you can find them in any mountainous area of Arizona. Just look on any map of Arizona that shows National Forest information.
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