Where Do Polar Bears Live?


in the Arctic Circle including the North Pole and northern parts of Europe, Asia, and North Americactic Circle
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Kodiak bears are common on Alaska's Kodiak Island. Polar bears are related to members of the Ursinae family, which includes black and brown bears. Black bears are the most common
Where polar bears DO live: Polar bears range throughout the circumpolar extreme northern hemisphere in the Arctic regions where they can hunt their prey (seals) at open leads. The
Arctic regions - they are native to Alaska, Canada, Russia, Greenland/Denmark and Norway. If you don't feel like traveling to a country in the Arctic to see a polar bear, this article
The five "polar bear nations" in which the bears are found are U.S. (Alaska) Canada,
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Polar Bears live in the arctic region surrounding the North Pole.
Polar bears live in and around the Arctic Ocean. They are the world's biggest land living carnivore and they weigh up to 600kg. Polar bears spend most their time on ice, on land and in the water.
The big, beautiful Polar bear lives in the Arctic. They can withstand the icy climate that gets down to -30 degrees F in the winter. They find food and swim in the icy waters.
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