Where Do Possums Sleep?


Possums sleep in any hollow cavity they can find. They primarily sleep in hollow trees and abandoned dens by other small animals. Some possums have been known to burrow into the eaves of roofs to find shelter when ground shelter is not available.
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If you are talking about Australian Possums then they sleep in hollow trees, 'Possum Boxes' or your roof. Possum Boxes can be made by you out of simple timber, any type scrap or new
Possums are nocturnal, which means they are active at night. In the day, they sleep in tree
During the day opossums sleep in hollow logs and abandoned fox dens, etc. They sleep very soundly.
I've found they can be nocturnal and roam at night. I've seen them in trees. I've seen them in the rafters of barns and out buildings. I've found them in burrows. I've found some
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No, opossums do not sleep upside down. They do use their tails to hang upside down to rest or to climb on trees or other objects. ...
Possums sleep during the day and they also wonder the woods. They are rarely spotted during the day but it is possible. ...
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