Where Do Proteins Come from?


Proteins are important nutrients together with fats, water, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Proteins come from various sources such as bananas, potatoes, brown rice, wheat bread and spinach. Proteins are found in the whole body in the skin, bones, internal organs, hair and even the blood.
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Nonessential proteins get their name from the fact that it is not essential that you eat them in your diet. This is because your body can make these types of proteins. This is compared
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All living things, including plants, contain protein. So the short answer is that they get their protein from plants. Additionally, some animals that we think of as herbivores will
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Proteins come from meats such as chicken, fish and beef. There are also vegetable proteins like tofu, vegetable burgers and soy foods. These along with beans and nuts are plant based proteins.
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