Where Do Protists Live?


Protists live in watery areas, and some examples would be planktons, which live in the ocean. These eukaryotic organisms are also considered to be primary producers and are photosynthetic.
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They live in almost any environment that contains liquid water.
well, PROTISTA live in moist environments, are slightly boxlike in shape but can also resemble the bloblike animal cells. and they're essentially clear like most cells, but some are
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Protists can live in just about any environment that contains a large amount of water. Algae, Kinetoplastids, and Apicomplexa are all forms of protists.
Protist microorganisms can live anywhere where there is water. The single celled creatures thrive in ocean ecosystems and can cause malaria in humans. You can find more information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Protista
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