Where Do Pugs Come from?


The Pug is one of the oldest breeds of dog and have been around since before 400 BC. Most researchers believe the Pug came from Asia based on similarities of the Pekingese.
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Most pugs are not actually fat- they just have been bred to have a naturally stocky body shape which may make them seem chunkier then they really are. Unless their owners aren't giving
The origin of the Pug as a breed probably begins in ancient China, although it certainly
Neither. I think they're beautiful.
One of the older dog breeds, the Pug is believed to have originated before 400 BC in Asia. Text again!
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A pug is normally pregnant for 63 days, and should be taken to the vet if she is pregnant for more tha 69 days. Because smaller dogs like pugs come into heat approximately ...
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