Where Do Racoons Sleep?


In the wild, raccoons sleep in old oaks and rock crevices especially during winter and litter dens. Raccoons also sleep in burrows, dense undergrowth or tree crotches. Racoons inhabit sparsely wooded areas and they avoid open terrain and areas with beech trees whose bark is too smooth for them to climb.
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they sleep at morning and stay awake at night that's why they steal the farmers food at night. that's why farmers need dogs to scare them off at night.
Raccoons like to sleep in places that are warm, dark and quiet. Chimneys and hollow logs are
Raccoons don't build nests in trees; they're simply too heavy for most trees. They instead reside in dens, much like medium-sized animals such as badgers, wolverines, skunks, and
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Raccoons sleep in a variety of places. Most of the time, a raccoon will prefer to sleep in a tree, or inside of a tree hole. They will, however, sleep in attics or barns, or any other shelter they can find.
Raccoons choose to sleep in places that are dark and warm. They will often select hollowed out trees, caves, piles of brush, or even abandoned buildings to use as their dens.
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