Where do raccoons sleep?


Raccoons in areas not encroached upon by humans typically sleep in tree cavities or in abandoned dens created by other species. Sometimes raccoons use human buildings as nesting sites, especially when they are giving birth or raising newborns. Attics and chimneys are favorite places to nest.

Raccoons do not dig their own dens, so they have even been known to sleep on the bare ground during the spring and summer. During very harsh winters, they may resort to nesting together with den-making species, such as skunks. Raccoons were once confined to the tropics; however, farmers' barns aided raccoons' range extension into the north by providing them shelter during the winter.

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Raccoons like to sleep in places that are warm, dark and quiet. Chimneys and hollow logs are
Raccoons don't build nests in trees; they're simply too heavy for most trees. They instead reside in dens, much like medium-sized animals such as badgers, wolverines, skunks, and
they sleep at morning and stay awake at night that's why they steal the farmers food at night. that's why farmers need dogs to scare them off at night.
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