Where Do Rats Live?


Rats normally live under the ground. They are burrowing animals which can cause damage to property by biting at wood, lead and soft metals, electrical wiring, water pipes and drainage systems. They also spread diseases to human beings.
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Rats live in dark places such as sewers, cellars, basements, farms or near dumpsters. There are also pet rats that live in clean cages.
Rat's will live pretty much anywhere. They like to live under wood piles, rocks, bushes, near trash, and in holes in the buildings. They will also live in crawl spaces, basements, and in attics.
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Outside rats live under wood piles, rocks, bushes, near trash, or in holes in buildings. If they are in your home, then chances are that they are inside crawl spaces, basements, or
1. Purchase a live trap in the rat or rodent size which is generally 18 inches long and 5- by 5-inches square. 2. Locate where rats are moving in a house or outside buildings such
If you are talking about domestic rats, about 2-3 years, depending on how well you take care of it. Mine is pushing a year and a half.
1. Buy two or three humane traps. You can get these at pet shops and some home and garden stores. 2. Put peanut butter, cheese or some other bait inside both cages. 3. If the rat
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Rats live in large packs by burrowing underground. They are known to infest drains and sewers and are very adaptable to new environments. Rats damage property ...
The average lifespan of a rat is 2 to 3 years. This is a rough average-selective breeding, disease resistance and diet can all influence the longevity of your ...
A rat's habitat includes rocky outcroppings while others live in stick houses in old buildings. Brown rats normally live in dark and moist sewer and abandoned ...
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