Where Do Robins Go in the Winter?


Robins in the northern states migrate to the south during winter season. Migration patterns of these birds however vary with others moving to the north or not moving at all as their migration is mainly driven by the search for food rather than change in weather. Robins generally live in marshes, fields, forest borders or even in hedges.
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In the American robin, birds from northern climes migrate to southern states. Birds in the south only withdraw in the coldest winters. That is why wintering robin flocks are so huge
Most robins don't migrate and remain close to home during the winter months. The
They actually do not go far. In most areas they just move into the wooded areas and begin to flock up. Because they change their habits so drastically we stop seeing them until spring
They go to warm dry places like under leaves, holes in trees, nooks and crannies of abandoned buildings and snugly places in yours and my house. Flies live for only about 25 days
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They fly south! There are many places where robins go in the winter, mostly in the southern United States. here in Florida, we only see robins in the wintertime.
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