Where Do Salamanders Live?


Salamanders live in aquatic, semi aquatic or land habitats depending on the type of species. They are sometimes referred to as newts in Europe, categorised as amphibians and mainly resemble lizards.
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Salamander is the common name applied to approximately 500 species of amphibians typically with slender bodies, short legs, and long tails. The moist skin of these amphibians usually
Depends on the breed of salamander their average life span can be from a few years to 50 years. The 50 years is not typical, fire salamanders have lived that long in captivity. Our
Like its name suggests, you can only find the California Tiger Salamander in
Salamanders, newts and caecilians (a legless, salamander-type animal) all belong in the order Amphibia along with frogs and toads, ancestors of the first aquatic vertebrates to begin
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Salamanders only live in wet areas and you will find them in in every country except Australia, Africa and Antarctica. There is a number of different types of Salamanders.
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