Where Do Sandstorms Occur?


Sandstorms are strong winds which carry clouds of sand with them, particularly in a desert. They can take place anywhere there is dry sand or earth combined with the right wind conditions.
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Sandstorms are found in desserts. High winds come across the desserts which cause the sand to form a wall of sand that goes across the dessert land.
Sandstorms occur in arid regions that are largely covered by sand. Plants and plant roots help sand stay in place, so areas with large amounts of plant life will not be affected by
What is a sandstorm? A sandstorm is a strong dry wind blowing over the desert that raises and carries along clouds of sand or dust often so dense as to obscure the sun and reduce
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Sandstorms occur mainly in the deserts all over the world, in the period from March to May. It is formed as a result of very dry soil with very less vegetation to anchor and protect it from erosion.
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