Where Do Scorpions Live?


Scorpions live in dark places such as under rocks, in bark, or in the shadows of buildings during the day. They like warm climates and like to creep into tight spaces to sleep. Each scorpion has its' own unique venom, thus they all have a different toxicities. This is why the Arizona Bark Scorpion is lethal and the Desert Hairy Scorpion isn't.
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some live in deserts the dry hot land.
Scorpions live in deserts, Brazilian forests, British Columbia, North Carolina, and even the
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Scorpions live on every continent, except Antarctica, in a variety of habitats including deserts, savannahs, grasslands, temperate and tropical forest and urban areas.
Scorpions are indigeous to areas that have a very warm and dry climate. They can be found anywhere from the southern United States to Patagonia.
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