Where Do Sea Horses Live?


Seahorses live in the oceans all over the world. They like to nestle in around seaweed, rocks, and coral. Seahorses come in many colors, from vivid greens and pinks to beiges and browns.
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Sea Horses live in an ocean but can come in any ocean in the world. But you can find probaly 1000 Sea Horses in the Parcific Oceon.
Sea horses live in salt water and can be found all over the world. They prefer shallow water, close to the coast line. Large populations of sea horses can be found close to the equator
Horses can reside anywhere people make a place for them. Some live in the middle of large cities, although you will have to have deep pockets if your a city-dweller.
'Sea Horses' are actually a type of fish, they breath with their gills which are tiny and transparent the side of its head. It sucks up water like a fish and because water has a oxygen
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Seahorses live in shallow troprical and temperate waters around the world.
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