Where Do Sea Horses Live?


Seahorses live in the oceans all over the world. They like to nestle in around seaweed, rocks, and coral. Seahorses come in many colors, from vivid greens and pinks to beiges and browns.
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Seahorses live in shallow troprical and temperate waters around the world.
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Sea horses like shallow salty water for their home. they love to have several good places to hide so they will choose a habitat that is complicated by corals and seaweed. Look here
The seahorses are found in tropical and subtropical coastal and reef waters all over the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans. Seahorses live in the Intertidal Zone of the Ocean witch
1. Prepare your aquarium. Have the aquarium ready before you bring home your seahorses. This tank must be for seahorses only. Unlike with fish, you do not need to place gravel in
Seahorses have been found inhabiting warm waters but sometimes found as far north as Cape
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