Where do sea snails live?


Most of the sea snails live in the seas, especially close to coral reefs. However, the name sea snail is a common name for the group of snails that normally subsist in saltwater. There are also fresh water snails.
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Snails are found in the sea near sandy beaches, on land, where they live in the soil, on the ground, on trees and plants, and they also live in lakes and ponds, where they feed off
You can find land snails in Alabama, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Texas and Canada.
Geography. The Virginia opossum appears throughout Central America, up into Texas and as far north as Nebraska. From there, the animal's natural territory extends east across the
Snails eat algae and rotting stuff. There are three kinds of snails:
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Sea Snails live in ocean waters of varying depths. Some live above the ground, and some are partially buried in the ocean floor. Most sea snails can be found in the water around the coast of Tasmania, Australia. You can find more information here: http://www.woodbridge.tased.edu.au/mdc/Species%20Register/sea_snails.htm
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