Where Do Seahorses Live?


Seahorses mainly live in saltwater that is found in many oceans. These animals prefer shallow tropical and temperate waters that are normally close to the coast line. They have a head that closely resembles that of a horse.
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Seahorses Seahorses are found in seas along temperate coasts and in the oceans of the tropics. They are a kind of fish (Hippocampus) that likes shallow tropical and temperate waters
There are several different types of sea horses that have different lifespans. Some species of sea horse can live up to five years where as some only live one or two years. Look here
abysaal zone, coral reefs.
Sea Turtles. There are eight species of sea turtles, and they are found in oceans and seas that are warm or temperate. Sea turtles have been known to migrate as far as 3,000 miles
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Seahorses live in shallow troprical and temperate waters around the world.
Seahorses live tropical waters in salty and shallow areas near a lot of coral, plants, vegetation etc to have many places to latch onto, hide and live.
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