Where do sheep live?


Domestic sheep are raised all over the world and are one of the most common herd animals in history. The first domestic sheep were located in the Middle East and Central Asia, but farmers all around the world raise them today, in virtually every environment imaginable.

Domestic sheep are used largely for their wool, though herds in Great Britain and New Zealand are also cultivated for their meat. Not common at the average supermarket in the United States, mutton is a much leaner meat than beef or pork, though lamb is more often used by many restaurants and amateur chefs.

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Sheep live everywhere in the country, like farms where they live on pastures.
Sheep spend most of their time grazing, preferring to eat short, tender grass, weeds and
I believe what you may be looking for is that sheep are kept within a sheepfold. Enjoy :
Australians may think of themselves as animal lovers, yet our laws allow many animals to suffer a lifetime of cruelty in the name of profit. We are well behind world's best practice
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