Where Do Slugs Come from?


Snails and slugs belong to a large family of animals known as molluscs. Slugs live in damp places in the soil and among debris, and emerges only at night or on wet days. Interestingly, slugs are hermaphrodites!
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Yes they can. They get through mine and under the door. Put Vaseline on the door outside around the flap, they can't go over it. You could put some pellets in the garden - I think
1. Change your mulch. If you have mulch around the outside of your home, you are providing the slugs with an ideal habitat. Rake up all of the old mulch and either throw it away or
The slugs belong to the large group of animals known as the
Slugs and snails like to be in wet, soggy places. They usually creep out when it has been a rainy day, or night. They like it in swamps, and wet grass too.
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Slugs usually come from dark, moist areas like under logs, rocks, and porches. They will venture out when there's enough moisture for them to get around well.
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