Where Do Snails Live?


Some Snails are comfortable in the desert while others live in ditches and cooler climates. This include the mountain areas and even in marshes
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Snails are found in the sea near sandy beaches, on land, where they live in the soil, on the ground, on trees and plants, and they also live in lakes and ponds, where they feed off
Snails are omnivorous animals, which means they can eat food from plant and animal sources. Snails can feed on a variety of materials, such as decomposing plants and invertebrates
A few hundred species of moon snails live along the coasts of the world in sand from the
For most snails, the important factor is finding somewhere damp. Not necessarily dark, but not in direct bright sunlight (as this would dry them out quicker). And somewhere with green
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Snails live in a variety of terrestrial and aquatic habitats. They do general prefer cool, shaded areas.
Snails live virtually everywhere - some underwater, some on land, and some both underwater and on land. Snails that live on land have only one requirement: moisture. After heavy rainfall, many snails will often gather on sidewalks to absorb the moisture.
Snails are located within the sea or washed ashore on the beaches. They can also be located in the soil, on plants, or within lakes or ponds.
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