Where do spiders live?


Spiders can thrive and live in almost any place: on the edges of the ocean, on plants, under rocks, in trees, in caves and even over the water, according to Australian Museum. The only places that spiders cannot inhabit are the oceans, the highest mountains and the polar regions. Spiders are seen on almost every continent.

Spider species that are often seen everywhere use a behavior called ballooning. Some spiders, especially baby spiders, are so light that they can put out a very thin line of silk thread that can float away in the wind, carrying them up and away, and allowing them to spread across the globe. Spiders that dwell in houses can be stuck on furniture and other things, and often get moved around when the people living there move to a different place.

Climate change, rising sea levels and other ecological events can sometimes render some spider species isolated or trapped in their current habitats. Cave spiders, for example, may not be able to survive long enough to adapt outside of their natural habitat. Other species may adapt to their new surroundings and forget their previous habitat. Such spider species are significant in providing valuable information about the spider's adaptation and evolutionary process.

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Spiders live in terrestrial habitats on every continent except for Antartica.
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