Where Do Stingrays Live?


 Stingrays love the ocean floor. It’s where they spend most of their life.
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Stingray lives mostly in sea water.
Stingrays live on or near the ocean floor in tropical coastal waters throughout the world
Stingrays live all over the world. You would have to be more specific as to the genre of stingray. I caught one in the Gulf of Mexico (great fight, let him go) and Steve Irwin (the
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Stingrays live in ocean water and prefer muddy or sandy bottoms of the ocean because they can eat the tiny sea creatures easily that live there. You can find more information here: http://staff.harrisonburg.k12.va.us/˜aberry/Student%20Websites/Sting%20Rays-%20Ben/Where%20Stingrays%20Live.html
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