Where Do Tarantulas Live?


Tarantulas tend to live in places that are dry and sunny. You can find them in many parts of the world. Tarantulas are furry animals. They can make a raspy noise by rubbing their legs together and even throw their hair at what they perceive as a threat.
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Tarantulas generally like warm, humid conditions and are found in the tropics and subtropics. From deserts, to jungles, to mountainous jungle regions, the tarantula is a very successful
The majority of North American tarantulas are brown. The word "tarantula" has been applied
They can be found in the south- and west parts of the USA, Central America and down throughout South America to the southern parts of Chile, Argentina. Tarantulas can also be found
Most people associate tarantulas with desert environments but there are many different species of these large, hairy spiders worldwide, so they live in many different habitats. The
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