Where Do Tattoos Hurt the Least?


The regions in the body that will hurt the least when tattoos are drawn on them are: the palms of the hand, the shoulder, the thighs, the calf muscles and feet. This is attributable to the fact that these parts do not have dense nerve endings.
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On a shoulder=)
A lot of people tend to agree that the arm is the place that you will experience the
I have tattoo's on my upper inner part of my arms.holy crap did they hurt lol. The skin in there is SO sensitive.it hurt quite a bit.all depends on how detailed and colouring and
being virtually sleeved from neck to foot the best place for your first tattoo is over the top of the lateral deltoid muscle. avoid fatty areas as this is where ink has a tendency
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Know matter where you get a tattoo you will be not be able to get away from the pain. The most popular spot is on the shoulder and on the back or chest.
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