Where Do Termites Live?


Sometimes you will find termites dwelling around your house, common termites burrow in wood and eat out the wood in which the colony lives, some termites build nests while others mounds on the ground and may be 9 meters high and 15 meters across.
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They live in your walls, and underneath the floors.
Most termites that attack homes enter structures from the ground. A structure that contains wood near the foundation often becomes infested. The termites then move to other areas
it depends on what type of termite you are talking about. They not just eat wood, but cellulose...I have found them eating my turnips before... pretty much anything from or derived
The life span of the workers and soldiers is one to two years. The queen can live as long
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Termites generally live inside of wood or beneath the ground's surface. The type of termite determines where they live. Termites that live inside of wood are called drywood termites. Termites that live in soil are called subterranean termites.
Termites live in many places. They can live underground in the earth, in wood and even in houses. Termites lay thousands of eggs a day and live in colonies with up to two million termites.
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