Where Do Typhoons Happen?


Typhoons occur in the Western Pacific in Asia. Typhoon is just another name for a hurricane. These storms can last as long as two weeks.
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For some reason, cyclones have different names depending on their geographic location. Typhoons, by definition, occur only in the Pacific, north of the equator and west of the international
Typhoons of the western Pacific Ocean develop almost exclusively in a band between 6 and 35 deg of latitude, both north and south of the equator. Those in the Northern Hemisphere
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Warm air collides with cold air and they spin in a counter clockwise direction until the winds get stronger forming a Typhoon.
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Hurricanes and typhoons are both types of tropical cyclones, though a typhoon forms in the Pacific Ocean west of the International Date Line.
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The number of hurricanes that happen each year varies. Even in a given year you have to decide if you will count typhoons as well as hurricanes. A typhoon is ...
Cyclones in the Indian Ocean and Typhoons in the Far East usually develop from a thunderstorm in the equatorial trough. When warm air rises above from the seas ...
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