Where Do Volcanoes Mostly Occur?


Volcanoes mostly occur at plate boundaries found in the Earth's crust. Most of the earth's volcanoes occur on the ocean floor and are not visible to us. Others occur on the edges of continents where one plate dives beneath another plate.
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Volcanoes normally form at or near divergent tectonic plate boundaries or convergent boundaries where subduction is occurring. An example of a divergent plate boundary with significant
Volcanoes occur most frequently at plate boundaries. The greatest number of Earth's
There are about 5 000 volcanoes. They only occur in particular places. These places are situated above the margins of the large plates of the earth’s crust. The movement of
places with lots of volcanoes.
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Volcanoes usually occur on or around the edges of tectonic plates. The most active volcanic region is the Ring of Fire, which encircles the Pacific Ocean. The edges of many tectonic plates are located there.
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