Where Do Vultures Live?


Vultures live in lowland areas, dense forests and open habitats. The Black Vulture in particular is well adapted to human habitats and thus it is often sighted at garbage dumps, markets, and fishing docks where it forages for food.
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Except in the arctic, anywhere that animals die. I've seen them in Florida and New Hampshire. Since they soar, they like to perch in high places.
Vultures can live up to 30 years in captivity. They have a long lifespan compared to other
Vultures are large, carrion-eating birds that are excellent at soaring flight. Like lions and other large predators, vultures eat meat, but unlike lions, vultures do not need to kill
They probably live in Deserts and where ever there is road kill. Anonymous
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Vultures can be found almost anywhere in the world. Many people don't like these birds due to they are scavengers. But, they do a good job on cleaning up dead animals that rotting.
Vultures are birds that eat other animals that are already dead. They eat stinking, rotten meat. The vulture lives everywhere. The only place it doesn't live, is the arctic.
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