Where Do You Get Deoxys in Pokemon Fire Red?


To get Deoxy in Pok mon FireRed, you have to travel to Island 9 and then push the triangle forward. However, you first need to get the Aurora Ticket, which can only be gotten in a Nintendo Event like the Pok mon Rocks America 2004. You need to bring along your Pok mon LeafGreen or FireRed cartridge to the event.
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How to Get Deoxys in Pokemon Fire Red
Deoxys is a secret Pokemon that first appears in the third generation games of the Pokemon series, including Pokemon: Fire Red. You can catch Deoxys on Birth Island, which is only accessible if you have an Aurora Ticket (see Tips for information about... More »
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To capture Deoeys in Pokemon Fire Red, you must get to the Birth Island, and then hop on the boat in Vermilion City. You will have to continue making more steps to the right and left until you reach a point where you need to save the game. Look at the triangle, after which the Deoxys will hop out.
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