Where Do Bananas Come from?


The European Union generally imports most of their bananas from ex-European Caribbean colonies. Some of the top banana producing countries in the world include India, Philippines, China, Ecuador, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia and Thailand.
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Bananas come from banana plants. These plants have big leaves, and grow very slow. It takes a lot of nutrition and water and sunlight, to make these plants grow and produce bananas.
Bananas were first recognized as an edible fruit in the Southeastern part of Asia as far back as 5000 BCE. The banana made it to Europe via Portuguese sailors in the 16th century
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Bananas are native to tropical south and Southeast Asia but are currently cultivated throughout the tropical countries. It is interesting to note though that a banana is neither a fruit nor a vegetable but belongs to the herb family.
are probably native to tropical Asia, but are widely cultivated
banana is a berry that comes from what most people refer to as a banana tree, but is in fact a herbaceous plant or an herb. Originally from southeast Asia, bananas are grown in most tropical countries around the world.
Bananas come from south-east Asia. They are tropical fruits that have been cultivated for human consumption for thousands of years. They are essential in the body since they provide the body with vitamin C.
Bananas mainly come from south east Asia but can also be found in New Guinea, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. They come from a banana tree which is a herbaceous plant that grows well in warm climates as well as cooler climates depending on the type of tree
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