Where Does a Horse Live?


Horses live in barns, stables, or corrals. Domestic horses rely on people for their shelter while wild horses prefer flatter, open land where they can spot predators easily. Horses and humans interact in a wide variety of sport competitions.
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were a lot of trees are. A: Horses are all over the world. From the marshy areas of the Camarogue ponies to the harsh lava rock ground of some mustangs, horses live in the mountains
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wild horses live in west Oregon and Montana, south to California and New Mexico, east assateague and chicoteague island. wild horses live in west Oregon and Montana, south to California
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Horses live on every continent inhabited by humans. All horses generally need open, grassy spaces to roam.
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Domesticated horses live in stables. Although most horses today are domesticated, the Przewalski's Horse is the only remaining true wild horse ...
Wild horses live out in open plains areas, where there is plenty of room to run, and grass to eat. Domesticated horses usually live in stables, with fenced areas ...
The oldest horse that ever lived was called Old Billy,he lived to be 62 years old. He was a draft horse who worked pulling barges. ...
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