Where Does a Rabbit Live?


Rabbits are found in several places all over the world, living in a series of tunnels known as burrows. A group or series of burrows is called a warren and usually there are a lot of entrances to the warren.
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in the underground.
In general, the average pet rabbit can live to be eight to 12 years of age, although some rabbits reach the age of 15 years. Smaller rabbit breeds, such as the dwarf rabbit, live
Roger Rabbit lives with all the other cartoons in Toontown in the 1988 movie "Who
Domesticated rabbits actually shouldnt live in a hutch, if that is what you are thinking. they should have a room or area to run around in without a wire floor and they should be
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Rabbits live in forests, grasslands, and tundra.
Rabbits are found on most continents. Wild rabbits dig burrows and make nests. Rabbits make great pets and can live in cages with the proper care.
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