Where Does a Rabbit Live?


Rabbits are found in several places all over the world, living in a series of tunnels known as burrows. A group or series of burrows is called a warren and usually there are a lot of entrances to the warren.
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A Rabbit lives in a burrow. rabbits are usually found in the countryside and are considered a pest almost everywhere in the world. they live on what ever they can find which usually
Dangers to Rabbits. Predators and inclement weather are not your rabbit’s only dangers; well-meaning humans can also spell trouble. Learn the proper way to carry and hold a
Roger Rabbit lives with all the other cartoons in Toontown in the 1988 movie "Who
In Wonderland.
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Rabbits are found on most continents. Wild rabbits dig burrows and make nests. Rabbits make great pets and can live in cages with the proper care.
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