Where do tigers live?


Tigers live in Asia, which is where their natural habitats are. They are most likely found in the swamps, grasslands and rain forests of Southeast Asia, China, Korea and Russia.

In many areas, the number of tigers is dwindling due to poaching and loss of habitat, and the reproduction rate of tigers is not high. A female typically produces two to three cubs every 2 to 2 1/2 years, because cubs are not fully independent until they are about 2 years old. About one-half of all cubs do not survive long enough to go out on their own. Females are ready to reproduce at 3 to 4 years old, but males do not first mate until they are 4 or 5.

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According to the World Wildlife Fund and the San Diego Zoo, six subspecies remain, although some conservationists say there are only five. Each type of tiger lives in a specific area
they stay for 20 years.
Tigers live in jungles,and alligators live in rivers and swamps. Alligators live in places called forests.The tiger's habitat is almost the same.There has been sightings of alligators
they live in the savanna.
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Tigers live in various habitats in Asia.
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