Where Does a Zebra Live?


Zebras live in zoos around the world but they are only found in the wild in the African continent. Zebras are a favourite meal for predators such as lions, hyenas, crocodiles, cheetahs and leopards.
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While many Zebra's are found in local Zoos, the majority live in Africa. Zebras thrive in a variety of locations in Africa, including mountains, scrublands, hills, woodlands, and
A zebra lives in the plains of south Africa.
Grevy's zebras live in semiarid, thorny, scrub-brush regions and along sub-desert steppes
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Zebras inhabit dry desert regions and open grasslands of Africa
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Zebras find shelter from the weather or predators using what is available in their habitat. They live in the savannah, scrub-lands or grasslands. Zebras can shelter ...
Zebras are members of the family Equidae that live in Africa. They have black and white stripes in different patterns. They are approximately 50 inches tall. ...
Zebras exhibit a complex set of social behavior that is unique to each species. Some types of zebras prefer to live in packs or herds, similar to a herd of grazing ...
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