Where Does Aluminum Come from?


Aluminium is a silver-white metal that is very light in weight but relatively strong. It is obtained from ore bauxite where bauxite is first mined from typically shallow deposits and after that it is refined into alumina with the use of Bayer process at an alumina refinery. Alumina is then sent to an aluminium smelter where it is subjected to electrolysis which divides out the aluminium metal.
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Aluminum is in almost every rock, plant, and animal. It is the 3rd most plentiful element in the Earth's surface, after oxygen and silicon, and its compounds make up about 15% of
Aluminum comes mostly from an aluminum ore called bauxite. It is mined out of the ground in large geological formations found in Ghana, Indonesia, Jamaica, Russia and Surinam, but
Taurine is an organic acid that can be found in the lower intestines. It is naturally occurring in foods like seafood and meat. It is estimated that our consumption of taurine is
Gelatine comes from collagen found in the bones, the skin of the animals and the connective tissuse. It would mainly come from pigs and cattle.
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Aluminum is too radioactive to exist naturally as a stand alone metal in nature and is there fore found combined in a variety of ores the most common of which is Bauxite.
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