Where Does Amethyst Come from?


Amethyst the popular stone is mined in many countries of the world such as Brazil, Mexico, USA, South Korea, Australia, Uruguay and many more countries.
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green & purple.
Amethyst is mined in: Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, Canada, Zambia, South Africa, and
Some of these come in purple, as for their properties, not sure just yet. Need to do some research, but can't now, because I'm getting ready to get married tomorrow. :) Sapphire Tourmaline
he color amethyst is a moderate, transparent violet. Its name is derived from the stone amethyst, a form of quartz. Though the color of natural amethyst varies from purple to yellow
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Some of the biggest deposits of amethyst are located in Austria and Brazil. There are also smaller deposits throughout the world, in places like North America, South Korea, Russia, and India.
The beautiful Amethyst largest amount found is inside volcanic rocks in Brazil. Other places for these are in South Korea, Austeria, Maissau, Russia and India.
Amethyst comes from two locations in Mexico, Vera Cruz and Guerro. The Vera Cruz varity is pale and clear in color and Guerro is a deeper purple color. This quartz mineral also comes from other countries like Urugauy, Italy and some parts of the US.
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The formation of amethyst is a chemical reaction; amethyst comes about via the reaction of oxygen with silicon. This usually happens when rocks containing silica ...
To know how much an amethyst is worth, you would need to know the color and the weight of the gem. Amethysts come in a variety of colors, such as a dark violet ...
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