Where Does Bacteria Grow?


Bacteria are unicellular organisms that usually prefer to grow in dark, moist and warm places. Bacteria can also form in food or liquids left out to long. They grow at places with low temperatures below 20 °C or at high temperatures above 45 °C.
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Bacteria usually grows in dark, moist, and warm places. It can form also in food or liquids left out to long.
Thermophiles are found in various geothermally heated regions of the Earth
Bacteria grows everywhere. Biologists have discovered extremophiles.which can live in hot springs and volcano spings too. They can with-stand extreme temperatures. For example.when
1. Find mold where you find moisture. Molds can grow on any moist, damp surface. They grow on dirt, paper, leather, soap scum and other organic material. Mold can grow in temperatures
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Bacteria can grow basically anywhere you can imagine, on people, on land, on animals, ect. Bacteria can withstand extreme temperatures, some will die during these extremem temperatures but some will not. It just depends on the type.
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