Where Does Collagen Come from?


Collagen is considered a distinct type of protein naturally produced by our body. However there are several sources of collagen for human use for example, Bovine, fish, chicken etc
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Where Does Collagen Come From?
Collagen is a protein that is naturally produced in the bodies of animals (especially mammals) and is the main component of connective tissues like cartilage (found in humans in places like the ears, the tip of the nose and between bones). It is also... More »
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Collagen comes from inside your body. The regiments used for your skin are not collagen these regimens merely help the body to produce more collagen.
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Collagen comes from inside your own body. It is produced by your body and is found in the skin, in your ligaments, ligatures and bones.
Collagen doesn't come from plants, it comes from animals. Boiled horse & cow skin, joint tissue, and some bone marrow. It is a wonderful source for cosmetic uses but some are
Most collagen in commercial gelatins is connective tissue, skin, tendons, gristle.
Collagen is from fibrous scleroprotein in bone and cartilage and tendon and other connective tissue.
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Hydrolyzed collagen comes from collagen that is derived from sources such as connective tissue, skin and bones of animals such as: pigs, cattle, fish, horses and ...
Marine collagen is a type of collagen which is taken out from an assortment of ocean algae species, for example the species Laminaria and Padina Pavonica and at ...
Collagen is connective tissue in animals that can be donated, and is found in tendons, bones, ligaments and skin. It's responsible for strength and elasticity ...
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