Where Does Ethanol Come from?


Ethanol comes from fermentation of raw material such as starchy crops like corn. It also comes from sugary crop like fruit or sugarcane. Cellulosic plants such as trees or wild grasses are also used for process of making ethanol.
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Ethanol is ethyl alcohol also known as grain alcohol. It is a psychoactive drug usually found in alcoholic beverages. It is made by "fermenting" the sugars present in starchy
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Ethanol comes from one of these three raw material groups: starchy crops, sugary crop, and cellulosic plants.
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Ethanol comes from corn, wheat, barley, and sugarcane. Corn has to be ground into a powder. After mixed with water, it is heated. After the process you have pure alcohol. You can find more information here: http://www.businessweek.com/technology/content/may2006/tc20060519_225336.htm
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