Where Does Fog Come from?


Fog refers to a collection of ice crystals or water droplets suspended near the earth's surface or in the air. It forms when warm moist air moves over a cold surface thus cooling down the vapour in the air which then remains suspended as water droplets. The world's foggiest place is the Grand Banks located of the Newfoundland Island.
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Fog is made up of condensed water droplets which is the result of the air being cooled to
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Fog forms when there is a lot of moisture near the ground, or when the air near the ground cools to the dew point.
Like clouds, fog is made up of condensed water droplets which is the result of the air being cooled to the point where it can no longer hold all of the water vapor it contains.
Fog occurs when moist air moves from over a body of water to a surface that is colder. It happens in an area of high pressure. It can also happen when a warm air mass is trapped under a cold air mass.
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