Where Does Fungi Grow?


There are two things that fungi needs to grow, moisture and food. For most types of fungi that is all that they require to live. There are some species of fungi that are a little more particular about where they will grow. You can find more information here: http://www.workershealth.com.au/facts028.html
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It grows on dead bark that is in a dark, warm, and wet area.
The growth of fungi as hyphae on or in solid substrates or as single cells in aquatic
The northern regions of Brazil are the acai palm's native lands. The northern Brazilian area where the acai berry can be found is located in the Amazon rain forest. The berry is a
It is native to the grassy plains and desert areas between Asia and Europe known as the Caucasus. It has also been cultivated throughout Europe.
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Fungi or mold grows in moist areas. Fungi usually thrives in dark moist places and reproduces as a result of spores that settle in moist areas.
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