Where does George W. Bush live?


Currently, former president George W. Bush and his wife Laura Bush live in Texas. They split their time between a house in the Dallas suburb of Preston Hollow and the ranch they own in Crawford, Texas.

The Bush family purchased a home in Preston Hollow in 2008, but did not move into it until 2010 because of the many security modifications the Secret Service needed to implement. Preston Hollow is one of the most affluent suburbs in Texas, with houses ranging in price from seven to eight figures. President Bush also spends time at his ranch in Crawford, Texas, where he took frequent vacations when he was in office.

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Dallas, Texas.
George W. Bush lives with his wife Laura in the Preston Hollow neighborhood of Dallas,
George W. Bush is now living with his wife either in his ranch in Crawford, Texas, or his home in Preston Hollow, Dallas, Texas.
He is domiciled in Dallas, Texas but has other homes in Crawford, Tx, Maine and even a ranch in Paraguay.
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