Where Does It Rain the Most?


The region in earth with the highest amount of precipitation is the equatorial region between the tropics. In the UK, the Pennines and the moors of south-west England experience the highest amount of rainfall in amounts that exceed 2,000 mm annually.
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in the rain forest.
Probably the rainiest place in the world is Mount Waialeale, Hawaii, on the island of
Sounds like my ideal place to me! Love rain! it is my favorite weather : But I think Washington (which is fairly close to California) has rain showers a lot of the time. I have heard
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Rainfall is typically measured annually, i. e. the amount of inches of rain accumulated by a country in a single year. The winner for the most rain in a single year is Cherrapunji, India, which received 1042 inches in the year starting on August 1, 1860 to July 31, 1861.
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