Where Does Lil Wayne Live?


American rapper Lil Wayne used to live in La Gorce Island, Miami in the United States and he bought the house in 2010 for $14 million. He has since put up the house for sale and his current living address is unknown. The house is 15, 101-square-foot and contains nine bedrooms and nine full baths, with a two-story master suite that has a glass elevator and two half-baths. It also has as a three-car garage, swimming pool and a guest house with three bedrooms.
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Lil Wayne lives in New York state. And sometimes he stays in Miami at the grand hotel when he has concerts in miami.
Lil' Wayne currently resides in Houston, Texas, after being displaced by Hurricane Katrina.
Lil Wayne currently splits his time between New Orleans, LA and Los Angeles, CA. Text back anytime!
in the garbage, where he belongs.
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Lil Wayne has many homes but is currently in New Orleans, Louisiana.. He was born in louisansav and calls that home. You can get to see the pictures of his house online. He is an American wrapper.
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