Where Does Lithium Come from?


Lithium was first discovered in 1817 by Johann Arfvedson when he was examining minerals from the island of Uto in Sweden. The element was later isolated by Sir Humphrey Davy and W.T. Brande. Lithium is categorised as an 'alkali metal' and placed in group one elements of the periodic table.
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Although we can find traces of lithium in the human body, food and water it is found in larger quantities in brine and rocks. Andes mounts in Chile and King's Mountain in South Carolina
By running electricity through lithium chloride or spodumene.
Lithium is a simple, naturally occurring salt, but significant quantities are never
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Lithium comes from nature, as in its purest form, it is a naturally occurring mineral. Lithium in its purest sense, is found quite abundantly within a wide variety of rocks and minerals. Lithium is also found abundantly within the sea as well.
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The name lithium comes from the Greek word lithos which means 'stone.' Lithium appears on the periodic table under the symbol Li. It has 3 protons, 3 electrons ...
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