Where does Martha Stewart live?


Businesswoman and television personality Martha Stewart has several places that she calls home. She has a home that she purchased in 1997 on Maine's Mount Desert Island. The 35,000-square-foot mansion, called Skylands, is hidden in 63 acres of wooded trail.

Stewart also has a 153-acre horse farm built in 1925 in Westchester, N.Y., that she purchased in 2000, and that she calls home in the winter. Stewart reportedly refers to the farm as Cantitoe Corners. Stewart also has a cottage on East Hampton's Lily Pond Lane that she purchased in 1990. Stewart also owns several other New York City apartments.

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Cantitoe Corners, the name of her farm in bedford, ny. Martha Stewart has a home in in Katonah, New York. She also has a large estate on Mount Desert Island, which is a very exclusive
Martha Stewart lives in the same house that she had lived in for the past 25 years.
At both her house in conn. and at another house on Long Island ny
Connecticut, USA
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