Where Does Natural Gas Come from?


Natural gas is sourced from porous spaces in underground rock formations. These formations were made by microscopic plants and animals living in ocean many years ago. With time and pressure, these formations formed peat which is then turned into petroleum and other fossil fuels.
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Natural gas is a fossil fuel, formed underground as part of the same processes that created oil and coal. It is mostly methane, and when cleaned of contaminants, it is a valuable
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Natural gas is a gas consisting primarily of methane. It is found
Most of the natural gas that is under the ground is millions of years old. Only recently methods for obtaining this gas, were developed.
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Natural gas is found in reservoirs beneath the earth and is often associated with oil deposits.
Some of these areas are on land but many are offshore, deep in the ocean.
Natural gas is known as being a fossil fuel. These fuels take thousands of years to form and are found in the earth, naturally created.
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